How it works

01 — Reporting Interruptions

Issue arises. Open new interruption cases quickly and easily. Enter the key information and a brief description about the discrepancy.

02 — Real-time Notifications

Once reported, authorized maintenance in the area will receive requests to support the case.

03 — Faster Response

Beacon streamlines communication between operators and mechanics with its real-time chat, data and file sharing

Aviation management
Aircraft maintenance

04 — Case Summary and Dashboard

Log hours, share and save case records including automated job completion summaries.

Beacon for operators

Get the job done right.

Always on

No matter the time and place, Beacon helps operators safely return their airplanes to service.

Fully digital

No duplicate calls, no emails, no waiting. Streamline your communication.

Save time

Instantly match with maintenance providers and offer feedback at every step of the way.

Enhanced visibility

Get the full picture. Access your organization dashboard and maintain complete visibility over all your interruption events. Export records at anytime.

Beacon for maintenance providers

A new way to put your expertise into action

Are you a maintenance provider?

to learn more about how Beacon works and how to get your team onboard.

Stay connected

Receive instant notifications. Get real-time support from the aircraft operator whenever you need it and share when you’re en-route and on the way.

Stay focused

Share files and photos using chat. Be more efficient with troubleshooting and get the aircraft off the ground quicker.

Stay organized

Track your completed jobs and reference your past work at anytime.

Stay mobile

Wherever you are, you can easily apply to a case on the go.

Beacon on Phone

Get the mechanics’ app

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Note: Beacon requires a valid A&P license (and/or Part 145 certificate) and compliance with local authorities regulations (FAA, EASA, and others.)